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  • Less stress for your pet!

  • Convenience of in-home care.

  • Flexible appointment times to fit into your busy schedule.

  • Relaxed, unrushed time directly with the veterinarian.

  • Compassionate, focused care and attention.

  • Great for those with too many pets to take to the vet.

  • No waiting next to sick pets in the waiting room.

  • No anxious pets in waiting rooms.

Highly recommend the services of Vets To Go. I found the service very important for my pet who stresses when traveling in a carrier to the vet. My pet not only enjoyed the visit from the vets but did not have to leave home, making the examination less stressful for all. Thank you for the care given to myself and my pet.
— Maris Willis

Getting my bunnies vaccinated with Vets To Go was much less stressful than taking them to the vet. The booking process was really easy, and Liam and Natasha were even friendlier in person. They handled the bunnies really well, so everyone was a lot calmer than at the vet. I can see this being an excellent service for any animals that don’t like traveling. Highly recommend.
— Jessica Fernandes

Going to the vet used to be a huge drama, because our little boy cat would get extremely upset and distressed at leaving the home environment and having to travel in the car to somewhere new - he would hyperventilate, cry, hiss, claw - anything to avoid having to go. On top of this, we had previously struggled to find a reliable, knowledgeable vet in our local area and had a couple of bad experiences with other traditional bricks and mortar vets.

Vets To Go changed all that, and have made vet visits so easy and convenient and great - our little cat doesn’t get stressed out anymore! Even better, they make the whole experience relaxed and quick, while providing expert care of the highest calibre, all without having to leave our house.

Dr Nitasha and Dr Darren are the best! They are super knowledgeable and thorough, patient and kind (with us and our cat!), and so good with our sensitive and shy cat. They always know just the right approach to treat him carefully and effectively, while explaining all the details of his medical issues in a way we can easily understand. Treatments are always supplied with clear instructions, and it’s amazing to have the vets in the home and be shown exactly how to administer any medications directly. They’re also extremely affordable, and pricing is always super reasonable with everything explained clearly and an invoice provided.
— Ian Koker